As an expert in Digital Marketing and E-commerce, you are an architect of online success. You master hard-hitting strategies and advanced techniques to propel businesses to new digital heights. From search engine optimization to online advertising to influencer marketing, you create compelling online presences that capture consumers’ attention and turn them into loyal customers.

  Your passion for innovation and in-depth understanding of the latest trends sets you apart as an informed expert. You are constantly at the forefront of digital evolution, mining data for valuable insights and adapting strategies accordingly. Your inspiring energy motivates teams to push boundaries and embrace change with enthusiasm.

   As an expert in Digital Marketing and E-commerce, you embody the fusion of creativity, technology and strategy. Your ability to unlock the potential of online businesses and guide them to success is unrivalled. Get ready to transform brands, generate measurable results and shape the future of marketing in an ever-changing digital world.

  • ZUnderstand the fundamentals of digital marketing and e-commerce.
  • ZMaster the various digital marketing channels and tools.
  • ZDevelop an effective content strategy to attract and engage target audiences.
  • ZAcquire expertise in digital content creation using artificial intelligence tools (ChatGPT...) and Canva.
  • ZCreate and optimize professional websites for companies and brands.
  • ZOptimize search engine optimization (SEO) to improve visibility in search engines.
  • ZCreate and manage online advertising campaigns (SEM) to generate qualified traffic.
  • ZUse social media strategically to promote a brand or product.
  • ZUnderstand the importance of influencer marketing and know how to collaborate with influencers.
  • ZSet up effective email marketing campaigns to generate conversions.
  • ZAnalyze data and measure the performance of marketing campaigns to make informed decisions.
  • ZDesign and optimize an e-commerce website to maximize online sales.
  • ZEffectively manage a digital marketing project using agile methodologies.
  • ZKeep abreast of the latest trends and innovations in digital marketing to stay current and anticipate changes.
  • PDigital Marketing Specialist
  • POnline Campaign Manager
  • PWeb designer
  • PCommunity Manager
  • PDigital Marketing Consultant
  • PE-commerce manager
  • POnline Brand Strategist
  • PDigital Marketing Entrepreneur
  • PUNIT 10: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • ECourse 1: Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • ECourse 2: The digital landscape and current trends
  • ECourse 3: The different channels and tools of digital marketing
  • ECourse 4: Building an effective digital marketing strategy
  • PUNIT 20: Content Marketing
  • ECourse 1: Creating an Effective Content Strategy
  • ECourse 2: Identification of personas and their journey to purchase.
  • ECourse 3: Creating engaging and relevant content
  • ECourse 4: Designing videos and advertising posters with Canva
  • ECourse 5: Master the tools of artificial intelligence to create publications faster and more efficiently
  • ECourse 6: Social Media Content Management and Promotion
  • PUNIT 21: Creation and Optimization of Professional Websites
  • ECourse 1: Introduction to CMS
  • ECourse 2: Website Planning and Structure
  • ECourse 3: Website Customization with Themes
  • ECourse 4: Content Management with WordPress
  • ECourse 5: Using WordPress Plugins
  • ECourse 6: Website Optimization
  • ECourse 7: Website Maintenance and Backup
  • PUNIT 22: Referencing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • ECourse 1: Fundamentals of SEO
  • ECourse 2: On-page and off-page optimization
  • ECourse 3: Keyword Research Techniques
  • ECourse 4: Analyzing and monitoring SEO performance
  • PUNIT 23: Social Media and Influence Marketing
  • ECourse 1: Social media strategy and identification of relevant platforms
  • ECourse 2: Creating attractive and engaging content for social media
  • ECourse 3: Using social media management tools
  • ECourse 4: Influencer marketing and working with influencers
  • PUNIT 24: Online Advertising (SEM)
  • ECourse 1: The basics of online advertising (Search Engine Marketing)
  • ECourse 2: Setting up advertising campaigns on Google Ads
  • ECourse 3: Creation of effective advertising campaigns on social networks (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads)
  • ECourse 4: Optimizing advertising campaigns to maximize conversions
  • ECourse 5: Analyzing advertising performance and tracking results
  • PUNIT 25: Email Marketing and Automation
  • ECourse 1: Building a List of Qualified Contacts
  • ECourse 2: Creating Effective Email Marketing Campaigns
  • ECourse 3: Automating Marketing Campaigns with Email Marketing Tools
  • ECourse 4: Optimizing open, click and conversion rates
  • ECourse 5: Segmentation and personalization of emails
  • PUNIT 26: E-commerce and Online Sales Strategy
  • ECourse 1: Fundamentals of e-commerce
  • ECourse 2: Creation and optimization of an e-commerce website
  • ECourse 3: Online Sales Strategies and Conversion Marketing
  • ECourse 4: Online order, inventory and customer service management
  • PUNIT 27: Monitoring Techniques and Performance Measurement
  • ECourse 1: Data Collection and Analysis in Digital Marketing
  • ECourse 2: Using Analytics Tools to Measure Performance
  • ECourse 3: Interpreting data and making decisions based on insights
  • PUNIT 28: Project Management and Agility in Digital Marketing
  • ECourse 1: Project management applied to digital marketing
  • ECourse 2: Agile methodologies and their application in digital marketing
  • ECourse 3: Team Collaboration and Effective Communication
  • PUNIT 29 : Professional project and defense
  • cTraining period: 9 months + 3 months internship
  • cCost of training:
  • 295 000 FCFA (payable in instalments)
  • cTraining schedule: Day & Evening Sessions
  • cDiploma obtained: Certificate of Professional Qualification (CPQ) and Attestation of Professional Qualification (APQ)
  • cLevel required : A/L all series
  • cReopening: Monday, October 09, 2023
  • NB: Practical and operational training, the examples treated during the training are drawn from professional cases.
  • lCenter Accredited by MINEFOP - Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training
  • lQualified and experienced trainers in the digital field
  • lCutting-edge training programs tailored to business needs
  • lA teaching method based on practice, innovation and project-based learning
  • lState-of-the-art equipment and technological tools to facilitate learning
  • lState-recognized diplomas and certificates attesting to skills acquired
  • lInternship or work opportunities allowing you to develop concrete professional experience.
  • lPersonal follow-up and support for each learner throughout their training
  • lUnlimited broadband Internet access, and access to the Center's Cloud services
  • l8 years' experience in training ICT professionals


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