Imagine a professional who masters the perfect alliance between networks, IT security and Cloud Computing. Endowed with unique skills, this expert holds the keys to shaping and protecting companies’ digital foundations, while exploiting the incredible opportunities offered by the Cloud.

  On the one hand, he designs robust networks that serve as the backdrop for smooth communications and uninterrupted business connectivity. On the other hand, he defends valuable systems and data against the growing threats of cybercrime, while guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.

  But this expert doesn’t stop there. He knows how to exploit the advantages of Cloud Computing to propel operations to new heights of efficiency and flexibility. He orchestrates optimized Cloud environments, where resources are allocated with precision, applications deployed with agility, and costs kept under control.

  Are you passionate about these advanced technologies? Join our training and live an immersive experience that will propel you to new heights.

  • ZUnderstand the fundamentals of computer networks.
  • ZKnow how to design and configure efficient network architectures.
  • ZMaster routing and switching protocols to ensure optimal network connectivity.
  • ZBe able to configure and manage network equipment.
  • ZUnderstand network virtualization concepts and configure virtual networks.
  • ZMonitor and optimize network performance to ensure smooth operation.
  • ZKnow how to troubleshoot and solve common network problems.
  • ZDeploy and operate VDI (Voice/Data/Image) Services.
  • ZUnderstand the fundamentals of IT security and its implications in organizations.
  • ZBe able to design and implement security measures to protect networks, systems and applications against threats.
  • ZBe able to detect, prevent and respond to intrusions and security incidents.
  • ZUnderstand Cloud Computing concepts and service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).
  • ZKnow how to evaluate the different Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and choose the one that best suits the needs of the organization.
  • ZBe able to configure and manage virtual machines and containers in the cloud.
  • ZUnderstand cloud storage and networking principles and know how to implement them.
  • ZKnow how to implement appropriate security and privacy measures to protect data and systems in the Cloud.
  • ZUnderstand the concepts of deploying applications and services in the Cloud, including automation and orchestration.
  • ZBe able to manage costs related to the use of cloud services and optimize resources for efficient use.
  • PNetwork Technician
  • PNetwork Administrator
  • PSystem administrator
  • PCybersecurity Technician
  • PCloud Administrator
  • PCloud Solutions Consultant
  • PCloud Security Manager
  • PUNIT 20: Computer Systems Administration
  • ECourse 1: Computer Fundamentals
  • ECourse 2: Study of Hardware Components of Computer Systems
  • ECourse 3: Study of Software Components of Computer Systems
  • ECourse 4: Hardware and Software Maintenance of Computer Systems
  • PUNIT 21: Networks and Network Administration
  • ECourse 1: Network Fundamentals
  • ECourse 2: Network Architecture and Topology
  • ECourse 3: Network Protocols and Routing
  • ECourse 4: Network equipment configuration
  • ECourse 5: Network Virtualization
  • ECourse 6: Network Performance Management and Optimization
  • ECourse 7: Wireless networks (WLAN)
  • ECourse 8: Deployment and operation of VDI (Voice/Data/Image) services
  • ECourse 9: Troubleshooting and Network Problem Solving
  • PUNIT 22: IT Security
  • ECourse 1: Introduction to IT Security
  • ECourse 2: Identity and Access Management
  • ECourse 3: Network and System Security
  • ECourse 4: Application and Data Security
  • ECourse 5: Mobile and Connected Device Security
  • ECourse 6: Detection and Prevention of Intrusions
  • ECourse 7: Investigation and Response to Security Incidents
  • ECourse 8: Security Awareness and Policy Management
  • PUNIT 23: Cloud Computing
  • ECourse 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • ECourse 2: Cloud Service Models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • ECourse 3: Popular Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
  • ECourse 4: Virtual Machine and Container Management
  • ECourse 5: Networks and Cloud Storage
  • ECourse 6: Security and Confidentiality in the Cloud
  • ECourse 7: Cost management and Optimization of Cloud Resources
  • ECourse 8: Deploying Cloud Applications and Services
  • ECourse 9: Migration to the Cloud
  • ECourse 10: Cloud Operations and Performance Management
  • PUNIT 24: Professional project and defense
  • cTraining period: 9 months + 3 months internship
  • cCost of training :
  • 350 000 FCFA (payable in instalments)
  • cTraining schedule: Day & Evening Sessions
  • cDiplomas obtained: Certificate of Professional Qualification (CPQ) and Attestation of Professional Qualification (APQ)
  • cLevel required : A/L all series
  • cReopening: Monday, October 09, 2023
  • NB: Practical and operational training, the examples treated during the training are drawn from professional cases.
  • lCenter Accredited by MINEFOP - Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training
  • lQualified and experienced trainers in the digital field
  • lCutting-edge training programs tailored to business needs
  • lA teaching method based on practice, innovation and project-based learning
  • lState-of-the-art equipment and technological tools to facilitate learning
  • lState-recognized diplomas and certificates attesting to skills acquired
  • lInternship or work opportunities allowing you to develop concrete professional experience
  • lPersonal follow-up and support for each learner throughout their training
  • lUnlimited broadband Internet access, and access to the Center's Cloud services
  • l 8 years' experience in training ICT professionals


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