As a computer and network maintenance professional, you become the guarantor of the proper functioning of computer systems. You are a true tech hero, effectively resolving breakdowns and minimizing downtime.

    Your expertise in the configuration, installation and security of Computer Systems ensures continuous productivity and protection against threats. As a skilled communicator, you provide technical support with empathy, providing a positive user experience.

    In short, you are the driving force that enables organizations to evolve in the digital age.

  • ZUnderstand the fundamentals of computing, including computer architecture, operating systems and networks.
  • ZAcquire the skills needed to identify and resolve hardware faults, and be able to assemble, disassemble and replace hardware components.
  • ZMaster the installation, configuration and administration of common operating systems such as Windows and Linux.
  • ZBe able to configure and troubleshoot local area networks (LANs), as well as manage network communication protocols such as TCP/IP, DNS and DHCP.
  • ZUnderstand IT security measures and implement best practices to protect systems and data against potential threats.
  • ZBe able to manage databases, perform regular data backups and implement disaster recovery strategies.
  • ZUnderstand the concepts of virtualization and cloud computing, and be able to configure and manage virtual machines and deploy applications in the cloud.
  • ZDevelop project management, professional communication and problem-solving skills to be effective in an IT maintenance work environment.
  • ZAcquire solid professional ethics and respect the confidentiality of data and sensitive information to which one may have access in the field of IT maintenance.
  • ZBe prepared to take on real-world challenges as an IT Maintenance expert, using acquired knowledge and skills to solve complex problems and provide quality technical support.
  • PIT Maintenance Technician
  • PSystem Administrator
  • PNetwork Administrator
  • PIT Consultant
  • PIndependent contractor
  • PUNIT 10: Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • ECourse 1: Introduction to computing and operating systems
  • ECourse 2: Computer architecture and hardware components
  • ECourse 3: Basic principles of computer networks
  • ECourse 4: Computer security and best practices
  • PUNIT 20: Hardware Maintenance
  • ECourse 1: Identifying and troubleshooting hardware faults
  • ECourse 2: Assembly, disassembly and replacement of hardware components
  • ECourse 3: Peripheral Configuration and Optimization
  • ECourse 4: Managing power supply and cooling problems
  • PUNIT 21: Systems Administration
  • ECourse 1: Installation, configuration and administration of Operating Systems (Windows, Linux)
  • ECourse 2: Managing Users, Files, and Permissions
  • ECourse 3: System Performance Optimization
  • ECourse 4: Solving common operating system problems
  • PUNIT 22: Networks and Connectivity
  • ECourse 1: LAN configuration and troubleshooting
  • ECourse 2: Network communication protocols (TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP)
  • ECourse 3: Configuring routers, switches and firewalls
  • ECourse 4: Network security and protection against attacks
  • PUNIT 23: Advanced Technical Support
  • ECourse 1: Troubleshooting complex software problems
  • ECourse 2: Handling system errors and error messages
  • ECourse 3: Using advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting tools
  • ECourse 4: Troubleshooting specific software problems
  • PUNIT 24: Data management and backup
  • ECourse 1: Database administration
  • ECourse 2: Data backup, recovery and archiving
  • ECourse 3: Protection of sensitive data and security measures
  • ECourse 4: Storage space and file system management
  • PUNIT 25: Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • ECourse 1: Virtualization and Cloud Computing concepts
  • ECourse 2: Configuration and management of virtual machines
  • ECourse 3: Migrating and deploying applications in the Cloud
  • ECourse 4: Cloud Resource Security and Management
  • PUNIT 26 : Project Management and Professional Skills
  • ECourse 1: Project management in IT maintenance
  • ECourse 2: Best practices in communication and professional relations
  • ECourse 3: Professional ethics and respect for confidentiality
  • PUNIT 27: Professional project and defense
  • cTraining period: 9 months + 3 months internship
  • cCost of training:
  • 295 000 FCFA (payable in instalments)
  • cTraining schedule: Day & Evening Sessions
  • cDiplomas obtained: Certificate of Professional Qualification (CPQ) and Attestation of Professional Qualification (APQ)
  • cLevel required: A/L all series
  • cReopening: Monday, October 09, 2023
  • NB: Practical and operational training, the examples treated during the training are drawn from professional cases.
  • lCenter Accredited by MINEFOP - Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training
  • lQualified and experienced trainers in the digital field
  • lCutting-edge training programs tailored to business needs
  • lA teaching method based on practice, innovation and project-based learning
  • lState-of-the-art equipment and technological tools to facilitate learning
  • lState-recognized diplomas and certificates attesting to skills acquired
  • lInternship or work opportunities allowing you to develop concrete professional experience
  • lPersonal follow-up and support for each learner throughout their training
  • lUnlimited broadband Internet access, and access to the Center's Cloud services
  • l 8 years' experience in training ICT professionals


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